5 steps to upgrade to Windows 8.1 from Windows XP

This is an article written for the Microsoft Small Business website.  You can read the original article here.

Did you know that Windows XP is more likely to be the target of data thieves once Microsoft support for this product ends on April 8, 2014?

Follow these five easy steps to upgrade your system to Windows 8.1.

  1. Use the automatic Windows upgrade assistant to find out if your device(s) meet the Windows 8.1 minimum hardware requirements.

    If your device does not meet minimum hardware requirements, you may need to buy a device that does.
  2. Locate the install discs, licenses, or download sites for all of your software BEFORE you install the newer version of Windows. Once you install your new version of Windows, you will have to reinstall your software.
  3. If you need to purchase new Windows 8.1 software, you can buy it on the Microsoft Store site.
  4. Backup your files and data to the cloud. Use a service such as OneDrive Pro to provide a smooth transition between your old and new devices. If you have multiple devices, OneDrive Pro enables you to synchronize them easily. Or use an external USB hard drive or network disk.
  5. Purchase and download Windows 8.1from the Microsoft Store. For more than five copies, purchase a volume license through a certified Microsoft partner (http://www.partnerpoint.com/) .